David Martínez

David Martínez

  • Languages spoken: English, German and French.
  • Years of experience: 4 years.

I’m one of the Spanish tutors here in My Teacher.

Why study Spanish with me?

I have academic education in English, French, German and, of course, Spanish. For this reason, I am a person who understands the challenges faced by a person who learns Spanish in Colombia, or anywhere in the world. In addition, I have an experience as a Spanish teacher of more than 5 years, which allows me to provide my knowledge and skills to meet the expectations of my students.
Also, I have a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Therefore, I can apply different methodologies and strategies based on the profile of each student to achieve excellent results while experiencing a cultural immersion in Medellín in case the classes are face-to-face.

Besides, I am an official preparer and examiner of the DELE Spanish exams. For this reason, if you want to take face-to-face or virtual Spanish classes, you will be able to test your knowledge, improve and practice in a structured and fun way.

On the other hand, I am a very respectful and open-minded person. I have had the great opportunity to share the experience of learning Spanish in face-to-face and online courses. This has also allowed me to learn a lot from my students. This is how you can feel comfortable with me because I recognize the effort and respect the personality and culture of each of my students.


My Spanish classes are

First of all, all the material you need for your classes is included. Regarding the structure, my classes have three parts: speaking practice, checking homework and learning grammar.

Therefore, my classes are interactive and didactic, as I integrate oral and written skills. I like to create specific material based on the tastes and interests of my students, so that they can practice and improve their communication skills taking into account their needs and objectives.

If you are afraid of making mistakes, in my classes you will feel comfortable and calm about making mistakes because you can learn from them so that you take your skills to the next level.

Culture is an essential part of learning a language. This is why, if you learn Spanish in Medellín, you will also have a cultural immersion in Colombia to learn more about communication in real contexts.

Why study Spanish with MyTeacher?

My Teacher is a school created by Spanish teachers who understand the needs and goals of Spanish language learners. Learning Spanish in Colombia is an objective that needs discipline, structure and effort. There are no shortcuts to learning Spanish. But of course, it can be a fun process.

In My Teacher you can have a professional and friendly relationship with all the people who are part of this project who believe in you and your abilities. In addition, you can enjoy the facilities of our partner Masaya, where you can work, study or simply have fun.

About me

I love languages. I am also interested in different cultures of the world.
I really like music, movies, series, tattoos, podcasts, and current social issues.
I write from time to time on my blog https://palabrasr.tumblr.com/. Proud member of the LGBTIQ + community.

My studies

Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Universidad EAN
Professional in Modern Languages
Emphasis on commercial and business translation

Instituto Cervantes
Oficial Preparer and Examiner of DELE. B1-B2

Instituto Caro y Cuervo
Certified Course in Pedagogy and Didactics for SFL

Universidad de La Laguna
Virtual Course in Grammar and Virtual Instruction for SFL

Centro de Desarrollo Artístico Compaz
Certified Course in Creative Writing