Leonardo Rodríguez

Leonardo Rodríguez

  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  • Years of experience: 7 years.

I’m Leo, one of My Teacher’s Spanish teachers.

About Me

Hi my name is Leo and I love teaching, I am a licensed Spanish teacher in Colombia. I have taken several courses to teach Spanish as Second Language, and I have a master’s degree. I think the most important thing is the experience and the passion that you have for your job. I am from Bogotá but I am currently living in Medellín.


My lessons
I have taught Spanish for 7 years in all levels to people from several countries, there have been diplomatist, tourists and professionals of all ages and levels living and working in Colombia. I aim to create a relaxed and enjoyable teaching environment because.

I really think that you have to enjoy learning so for to be an easier and a nice experience. I always create a customized syllabus based on your level and specific needs.
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Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

EAN University
Professional in Modern Languages
Emphasis on commercial and business translation

Centro de Desarrollo Artístico Compaz
Certified Course in Creative Writing

Universidad de La Laguna
Virtual Course in Grammar and Virtual Instruction for SFL

Instituto Caro y Cuervo
Certified Course in Pedagogy and Didactics for SFL

Instituto Cervantes
Oficial Preparer and Examiner of DELE. B1-B2