Estefanía Vélez Arias

Estefanía Vélez Arias

  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  • Years of experience: 3 years.

I’m a Spanish professor with 3 years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language.

Why study Spanish with me?

My experience lets me teach people from all over the world of all ages, from young children to older people. I speak fluent English and have taken Portuguese classes, so I understand the challenges that students face learning a new language. Aside from my experience teaching Spanish, I’ve worked in schools and local government educational projects in Medellín and surrounding municipalities; this has been useful to gain a deeper cultural sensitivity as well as skills in planning and producing materials for my classes as a Spanish professor.


My Spanish classes are

My classes are very flexible. I know the importance of grammar and structure when we learn and I use this knowledge to adapt classes to the needs, objectives and interests of my students. I use music and cultural immersion as fundamental elements during my planning. I like to take my students out into the city to have meaningful learning experiences while learning Spanish in Medellín.

Why study Spanish with MyTeacher?

My Teacher was founded by qualified teachers with a deep knowledge of students’ needs. We offer the 3 types of spanish lessons plans; group, private and virtual classes and we can adapt these to any kind of student.

About me

I love to eat and try new foods. I’m a big fan of music and adore dancing. I’m a bit of an extrovert, so I love talking and meeting new people.

My studies

I made studies of philosophy, Spanish and English (the two latter in teaching) in Bogotá, and I’m studying a masters in literature at present in Medellín.