Spanish classes Medellín with My Teacher

Colombia is an amazing country to visit. Beautiful landscapes, a diverse culture and friendly people are everywhere. If we talk about its cities we will also have a great variety of experiences to live and Medellin is one of those that you can’t miss. If you want to have a much more complete adventure in Colombian lands you should not miss the opportunity to practice the local language. In My Teacher we have different types of Spanish classes Medellín, in our article we tell you a little more about them.

Full immersion

Spanish classes Medellín: Full immersion

Nothing is more rewarding than communicating without problems when you are traveling or staying for a while in a country that has a different language than your own. Being able to understand the locals and having them understand you makes your stay easier and allows you to enjoy your trip much more. Learning the local culture and participating in their events feels different when you can integrate and understand how everything works.

Can I learn Spanish while I am traveling?

One of the most frequent myths when traveling to a country where Spanish is spoken is that it is very complex to learn on the fly. The reality is that it is not, it all depends on the methodology, the intensity and the contact you have with the locals. The Spanish classes Medellín allow you to practice with constancy and make everything flow much better. Whether you want to understand the basics to enjoy your trip to the fullest or if you want to get into this language and make it your second language, in My Teacher we accompany you.

In order for you to achieve your goal of learning Spanish, we have designed different Spanish lessons focused on your interests. Our methodology focuses on learning through constant communication rather than theory. In addition, the different study plans we develop follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In other words, you can be sure that your learning process is real and no matter where you are, you will be able to communicate in Spanish.

Why Medellín?

Spanish classes Medellín: Why Medellín?

Spanish is a language in which the meanings of words can change from place to place. But certain specific places are so touristy that their expressions have become popular around the world. Taking Spanish classes Medellín gives you access to a Spanish that is understandable in any other context you go to. Perfect if you want to get to know and experience this city and then move on to another country.

Types of My Teacher courses

As we told you, each Spanish course Medellín that we have designed is focused according to your needs. This guarantees a dynamic and above all, fun experience. We want all our students to have a pleasant experience and to be the starting point to meet friends from other parts of the world. Below we tell you a little about the courses.

  • General Spanish: Spanish classes Medellín 20 hours per week
  • Private classes: 100% personalized to your objective
  • Spanish and culture: Classes focused on getting around the city, ideal if you are coming for tourism.

Spanish classes Medellín: Types of My Teacher courses

Additionally, we also have at your disposal packages that complement the group classes with private lessons. This allows you to advance more quickly in the understanding and those details of the language that may be generating difficulties. It is not superfluous to tell you that these are not conventional classes, our groups are of a maximum of 7 people in order to favor understanding and that we can all learn together.

Learn Spanish with My Teacher

We focus on making your experience with the Spanish language a very positive one, so that you can start conversations easily and begin to speak Spanish without it being difficult for you. That is why apart from the Spanish classes Medellín we have different activities such as conversation clubs and dance classes for you to learn while you get to know and have fun. We are waiting for you at My Teacher, one of the best Spanish schools in Medellín, Colombia to understand Spanish and enjoy all the local culture.

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