Carlos Ríncon Zabala

Carlos Ríncon Zabala

  • Languages spoken: English.
  • Years of experience: 2 years

Why study Spanish with me?

I have worked as a teacher of Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) for over three years, an experience that has allowed me to explore, to know and to understand many of the important elements surrounding the teaching of this language. Because I speak English fluently, and because I taught it for over a year, and because I’ve been closer to the study of languages such as German and Portuguese, I understand perfectly well what means studying a second language.

Along my years as a teacher, I have worked with students and groups of all kinds (kids, teenagers, adults, elders), students from all the continents of the planet, people with specific interests and needs (students who wanted to get ready for international tests, or those who were looking for strengthen their vocabulary just in medicine or in
Spanish literature, or those who took Spanish courses because they wanted to make a Colombian immersion), and I have had the opportunity of giving classes in all of the Spanish levels (from A1 to C2, according to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Finally, due to the current situation, I have acquired a lot of tools when creating and developing Spanish online classes.


My Spanish classes are

My classes are characterized by the versatility in the activities, the variety of the tools used during them and the appropriateness in the topics being taught. With me, students are always going to practice the different skills involved in the usage of a language (speaking, listening, reading, writing), as well as other essential competences needed when learning any language (grammar and vocabulary).
Additionally, on account of the curricular flexibility in the Spanish classes offered by myTeacher, I have the ability (if wanted) of choosing the most important topics needed by any of the students (taking always into account their performance and interests in showed in classes).

Finally, because I understand the difficulty that implies learning a new language and that every learning process is always unique, I make of patience one of the cross tools in all my classes (so students do not feel nervous or embarrassed when they do not understand a topic or when they make a mistake).

Why study Spanish with MyTeacher?

MyTeacher is a school of Spanish for foreigners created exclusively by Spanish teachers. For us, education and well-being, both of our students and the teachers, is the most important thing. Besides, in myTeacher all the teachers are qualified natives in teaching Spanish (an ideal group for those who want to learn Colombian Spanish). On the other hand, the school has a gig flexibility in the schedule, Spanish courses that cover all the levels of the CEFR (from A1 to C2) and affordable prices for anyone. So, if you want to take Spanish classes in Medellín, our school is the best option.

About me
I am interested in reading more than anything else. I usually read literature, history and philosophy books (I am able to read both in Spanish and English). I am also interested in sports, so I drive my bike, run and go to the gym a couple of times a week.

My studies
I made studies of philosophy, Spanish and English (the two latter in teaching) in Bogotá, and I’m studying a masters in literature at present in Medellín.