Beatriz Andrea

Beatriz Andrea

  • Languages spoken: Spanish and English.
  • Years of teaching experience: 3 years

I am one of the Spanish professors at My Theacher.

Why study Spanish with me?

I am passionate about teaching; I am also empathetic and patient. For all these reasons, I can understand very well the challenges of my students and I can easily empathize with them, so I support and accompany them throughout the process of learning Spanish in Colombia, or anywhere in the world. I have four years of teaching experience and thanks to this, I have learned that everyone has their own purposes and their own pace to learn. During all my years of teaching as one of the Spanish Professors, I have been able to develop my pedagogical skills, which allow me to have a much more organized and dynamic class, without leaving aside the Colombian culture. This is very important to achieve a cultural immersion in Medellín and in the other cities that make up this beautiful country called Colombia.

For face-to-face and virtual classes, we always work with the best energy and disposition, listening attentively to the students and offering them the best experience. The idea is always to provide everyone with a safe environment during their Spanish learning in face-to-face and online courses, so that everyone has a great experience and Spanish becomes their best ally.


My Spanish classes are

As a teacher I am committed to always have the material ready for your classes. Normally my class structure is an opening game in relation to the topics seen in the past classes, review of the topics seen in the past class and homework, and finally the explanation of the new topic and its respective exercises, which vary from grammar to conversation.

I like dynamics very much, so I usually have several games that are related to the topics we are working on, but I also think it is very important that they develop their conversational skills, so I always have conversation exercises during my classes.

I tend to correct my students with a lot of patience and discretion to avoid them feeling frustrated or observed when speaking and participating in class. I respect personalities,

I know and understand that we are all different and have different processes so: don’t feel bad! We all make mistakes, and we learn something from them!

I like my students to have a cultural immersion in Colombia, so if you are learning Spanish in Medellín: look us up! I assure you that you will have one of the best experiences of your life with us.

Why study Spanish with MyTeacher?

MyTeacher is a school that cares about its students and understands very well which are your goals when you want to learn Spanish. Learning Spanish in Colombia is a new experience for everyone, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but together with MyTeacher’s teachers it can also be one of the best experiences you have ever had, as we are all ready to help you and give you the support you need to reach your goals.

All the teachers that work in this company are professionals, but we can also be your friends. We will always believe in your abilities and correct your mistakes with patience, always thinking about what is best to fulfill your goals and purposes. Besides, our installations are perfect to relax, have a coffee, take a deep breath, and continue with this beautiful path that is Spanish.

About me

I am a very outgoing, talkative, and empathetic person. I love learning new things about other countries around the world.

I love literature, reading, animals, movies, series, anime, and manga. I am also interested in literary research and would like to be able to publish academic papers on this.

My Studies


Professional in literary studies: emphasis in hispanic american literature.


Diploma in text editing and editorial processes.